Transparency and Accountability in Science and Politics

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Juli 2008



This book challenges the role of scientists in policy making and the idea of deliberative democracy. The author argues that awareness must increase among both politicians and the citizens who elect them. We must revitalise the decision-making processes in representative democracy. The book proposes new institutional structures.


Introduction The Democratic Challenge Science has lost its Ethos Values, Emotions, Interests and Rationality Radioactive Waste Management Risk Assessment and Risk Management Biotechnology and Nanotechnologies Global Warming Examples from other Areas Lessons Learned Insight into Democratic Theory - and the Awareness Principle Awareness and Transparency Public Involvement The Democratic Paradox The Public Sphere - Mass Media and Journalism Setting the Values First - Towards a New Paradigm Principles for New Arenas Institutional Anchoring Final Remarks


KJELL ANDERSSON, PhD in theoretical physics, was among the first to understand the need for dialogue and transparency in the Swedish nuclear waste management programme. He has since then been the leader of many projects dealing with public participation and risk communication in energy production, mobile telephone systems and environmental protection. Andersson has recently proposed the establishment of a 'European Transparency Arena' aimed to support political decision-making in controversial issues. He is the Managing Director of Karita Research, where he develops methods to strengthen political and public awareness in areas with a high scientific and technological content.
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