Role of herbs and their active principles in poultry production

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November 2015



The people in the world slowly move towards to consume antibiotic residue free food. In poultry sector, nutritionist tried to produced the antibiotic free egg and chicken meat.Broilers are fast growing birds. it faced much stress before attain market age. Herbs with antibiotic properties in poultry feed prevents and protect the birds from stress and also acts as growth promoters. Layers also faced stress due to continuous egg laying. Herbs and its phytochemicals alleviate the stress and acts as growth promoters in layers.


Author was born in 04-05-1977. He acquired B.V.Sc.(2000)& M.V.Sc. (2003) degree from Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS),Chennai. Author was worked in Poultry feed mill's quality assurance laboratory. Now author is working as an Assistant Professor, TANUVAS. Author has written scientific research and popular articles.
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