Principles of Forensic Mental Health Assessment

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Oktober 2001



Unlike most of the literature in forensic mental health assessment, this book posits the existence of broad principles of forensic assessment that are applicable across different legal issues and are derived from and supported by sources of authority in ethics, law, science, and professional practice. The author describes and analyzes twenty-nine broad principles of forensic mental health assessment within this framework.


I: Introduction. 1. Developing Principles of Forensic Mental Health Assessment.
II: Preparation. 2. First Contacts. 3. Defining the Evaluator's Role. 4. Using a Model.
III: Data Collection. 5. Selection. 6. Administration.
IV: Data Interpretation. 7. Assessing Response Style. 8. Incorporating Scientific Reasoning and Data. 9. Making Assertions and Clarifying Limits.
V: Communication. 10. Communicating Clearly. 11. Testifying Effectively.
VI: Applying the Principles of Forensic Mental Health Assessment. 12. Implications for Research, Training, Practice, and Policy.
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