Setting Up a New Library and Information Service

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November 2003



This work is intended as a guide for those people who have been charged with establishing a library or information service in their organization. It contains many practical tips and hints from the author, based upon his 'hands-on' practical experience of setting up many new information services.


Introduction - aims of the book, audience; Why create a library service, purpose; First steps - finding out about customers, involving customers; Information audit, finding out about what you have got, finding out about what the customer needs; Organising information, classification standard, cataloguing standards, copyright; Planning and implementation, library layout, library systems; Marketing the service; Review, performance indicators; Conclusion/things to look out for


The Author: He has developed libraries in various government departments, colleges and other organisation such as the Human Rights Commission. Kirby Porter is currently employed as Principal Librarian for the Northern Ireland Civil Service and Head of Library Services for the Northern Assembly; he is responsible for managing the Government Library Service and advising Government departments.
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