Permeable Pavements for Urban Stormwater Runoff Enhancement and Reuse

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Water and energy are two of the most precious and essential resources which are inseparably connected; vital for the survival and well-being of humanity. Sustainable water resources and energy management emphasizes the requirement for a holistic approach in meeting the needs of the present and future generations. This book addresses the use of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) such as permeable pavements systems (PPS) and integration of renewable energy tools such as geothermal heat pumps (GHPs). The research uses the novel and timely urban drainage system and focuses on water quality assessment when incorporated with GHPs.The overall outcome of this book is a significant contribution to the development of a new generation of sustainable and eco-friendly pavements.


Dr. Kiran Tota-Maharaj, is a Lecturer in Civil Engineering (Water/Environment) at Salford University. He attained his PhD in Civil with Environmental Engineering at The University of Edinburgh, MSc in Environmental Engineering from Newcastle University and his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from The University of the West Indies.
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