ADHD & Play Therapy Kit

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The content of this book was written through the combination of my own life experience and specialized studies in the field. As a child diagnosed with ADHD, throughout my life I had to learn how to cope with learning difficulties, lack of concentration, and most importantly a school system that did not support students with special needs. Trust me, it was not an easy journey. Yet thanks to my parents' continuous patience and belief in me, one teacher that supported me, I have been able to successfully cope with ADHD, get my Masters in Special Education, all while building my own little and happy family. I want to pass what I learned to other families and teachers so that they can also help their own children or pupils. ADHD does not need medicine to treat. That would only cover up the problem and could potentially bring about other, more complex issues. I believe children need to be taught how to focus their energy into productive activities - the ultimate goal of my kit. By basing the kit on fun activities, children of all ages and difficulties (or none) will give you enough time to showcase to them something they never thought they could do - focus even if for a minute.


I truly believe that play-therapy is the right form of medicine that children with special needs deserve. Their difficulties are only difficulties that any person goes through in life. Some surmount it by themselves, others need a tiny push. Do I have the answer to it all? Of course not! But I truly hope that my passion will help, even if a bit.
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