The North American Free Trade Agreement

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August 1994



After years of debate and a turbulent passage through Congress, The North American Free Trade Agreement came into effect on 1st January 1994. The agreement heralds a new era in North America's economic and political behavior and will dominate the international economic arena of the western hemisphere in the coming decades. In order to understand the implications and challenges of NAFTA on both a domestic and international level, this book examines the corporate, managerial and financial consequences for the participating countries (United States, Canada and Mexico), as well as the wider impact of economic regionalism in the new world order, especially in relation to the European Union. An overview of the agreement itself is followed by analysis from an external perspective and an examination of intra-regional issues.


(Section headings): Preface. Introduction. An overview. Corporate and managerial issues. Impact of NAFTA on financial and securities markets. Foreign direct investment and taxation within NAFTA. Notes on contributors. References. Author index. Subject index.


The editors provide straightforward summaries of the content and implications of the NAFTA agreement, of its legislative passage, and of the contents of the 20 studies. Upper-division undergraduates will benefit from the summaries and from the less technical of the studies, and professionals may find value in the econometrics of the more technical ones. Choice In The North American Free Trade Agreement, editors Fatemi and Salvatore have brought together a very readable anthology of essays on an unusually wide range of aspects of the NAFTA and its effects on the lives of Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans. It can serve as an invaluable compendium on the NAFTA for students of economics and international relations, yet the writing is sufficiently clear and non-technical to be understood by other interested readers. Reviews of International Economics
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