Pioneers of Modern China: Understanding the Inscrutable Chinese

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November 2005



Amongst the Chinese exists great cultural variety and diversity. The Cantonese care more for profit than face and are good businessmen, whereas Fujian R?n are frank, blunt and outspoken but daring and generous. Beijing R?n are more aristocratic and well-mannered, having stayed in a city ruled by emperors of different dynasties. Shanghai R?n are more enterprising, adventurous and materialistic but less aristocratic, having been at the center of pre-war gangsterism. Hainan R?n are straightforward, blunt and stubborn. Hunan R?n are more warlike and have produced more marshals and generals than any other province. Pioneers of Modern China is a fascinating book that paints a vivid picture of the unique cultural characteristics and behavior of the Chinese in the various provinces. Using leaders in the modern history of China, such as Sun Yat Sen, Chiang Kai Shek, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao as representatives, it offers an in-depth look into


* Fujian Ren and Lin Ze Xu: The Fuzhou Hero Who Destroyed Opium * Guangdong Ren and Sun Yat Sen: The Founder of the Republic of China * Zhejiang Ren and Chiang Kai Shek: The Christian President Who Ruled China with an Iron Hand * Hunan Ren and Mao Ze Dong: Leader and God * Hubei Ren and Lin Biao: Mao's Named Successor * Sichuan Ren and Deng Xiao Ping: The Hero of China's Modernization * Jiangsu Ren and Jiang Ze Min: Former President of the People's Republic of China * Henan Ren and Zhao Zi Yang: The Pioneer of China's Market Economy * Shandong Ren: Wan Li and the Gang of Four * Jiangxi Ren: Hu Yao Bang's Grand Tomb * Anhui Ren and Hu Jin Tao: The New Star in Communist China * Tianjin: Birthplace of the New Prime Minister, Wen Jia Bao * Beijing: Mei Lan Fang, Poets, Writers and Painters * Shanghai: Du Yue Sheng, the Gangster Chief * Taiwan and The Dream for an Independent State * Hong Kong in the Experiment of "One Country, Two Systems" * Macau: The Las Vegas of the East
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