Teaching English Culture to Students Learning English in Saudi Arabia

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Juni 2011



This study investigated the perspectives of EFL teachers and students on the importance and role of culture in communication and the approaches which have been successful in the teaching and learning of culture Findings in the study showed that (1) most teachers saw culture as a combination of both observable and invisible features, while most students saw culture as more about the observable features only; (2) the majority of teachers and students considered that the integration of culture within language classes would be the best way of teaching and learning culture; (3) both teachers and students believed that culture plays an important role in communication,and that learners would have difficulty understanding native English speakers unless they learnt about English culture and thus became more communicatively competent; (4) intercultural (comparative) approaches were held to be more successful and useful than monocultural approaches to develop communication skills; and (5) the current curricula in English departments do not offer enough material for teaching and learning English culture-related topics.


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