The Golden Age of Arab-Islamic Sciences: The Impact of Arabic on the West

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August 2007



"The Golden Age of Arab-Islamic Sciences" looks at the religious, cultural, social, and linguistic dimensions of the Muslim faith during medieval times. The author focuses on the interaction between Arabs and Moslems as well as the West by looking at the occident and the orient. In addition, the author details the faith of Islam by explaining the leading theology schools of Islam; the five pillars of Islam; anecdotes from valuable and rare books. The author explains the faith by using holy verses of the Koran, written in their original form and accompanied by three English translations by renowned translators such as Yousuf Ali and Pikthall. The book includes maps, pictures, and other tables and lists. This book is a translation from Arabic.


Khaled Abdul-Rahman Alrushaidat is a pioneer linguist with a special interest in studying the relationship between languages and civilizations. His academic achievements began with a B.A. degree in linguistics and a doctorate with honors from the Faculte des Lettres at the Sorbonne, the University of Paris. He later studied Islamic civilization at the Azhar University in Cairo, the world's foremost authority on Islamic studies. He joined the diplomatic corps, and his assignments as a diplomat in Chile and India enriched his knowledge of languages. After retiring he joined the academia and became a professor of French for ten years. After living in Los Angeles, California, for 12 years, the author returned to Amman, Jordan, where he has lived since 2005.
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