Flash Floods

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Flash floods typically develop in a period a few hours or less and can arise from heavy rainfall and other causes, such as dam or flood defence breaches, and ice jam breaks. The rapid development, often associated with a high debris content, can present a considerable risk to people and property. This book describes recent developments in techniques for monitoring and forecasting the development of flash floods, and providing flood warnings. Topics which are discussed include rainfall and river monitoring, nowcasting, Numerical Weather Prediction, rainfall-runoff modelling, and approaches to the dissemination of flood warnings and provision of an emergency response.The book is potentially useful on civil engineering, water resources, meteorology and hydrology courses (and for post graduate studies) but is primarily intended as a review of the topic for a wider audience.


Introduction.- -Causes of flash flooding.- -Flood risk management.- -Flash Flood Warning Systems.- -Organisational Issues.- -Technological Developments.- -Summary.- Precipitation measurement.- -Introduction.- -Raingauges.- -Weather radar.- -Satellite precipitation estimates.- -Multi-sensor precipitation estimates.- -Summary.- Catchment monitoring.- -Introduction.- -River monitoring.- -Catchment conditions.- -Observation networks.- -Summary.- Rainfall forecasting.- -Introduction.- -Flash flood climatology.- -Forecasting techniques.- -Operational Considerations.- -Summary.- Flood forecasting.- -Introduction.- -Forecasting techniques.- -Operational Considerations.- -Summary.- Flood warning.- -Introduction.- -Flood warning procedures.- -Warning dissemination.- -Warning messages.- -Decision support systems.- -Summary.- Preparedness.- -Introduction.- -Flood risk assessment.- -Flood response plans.- -Post-event reviews.- -Performance monitoring.- -Emergency response exercises.- -Improvement plans.- -Summary.- Rivers.- -Introduction.- -Flood risk assessments.- -Warning systems.- -Complicating factors.- -Summary.- Debris flows.- -Introduction.- -Debris flow risk assessments.- -Warning systems.- -Summary.- Urban flooding.- -Introduction.- -Flood risk assessments.- -Warning systems.- -Summary.- Dams and levees.- -Introduction.- -Flood risk assessments.- -Warning systems.- -Summary.- Research.- -Introduction.- -Monitoring.- -Forecasting.- -Flood warning.- -Summary.



Kevin Sene is a civil engineer and researcher with wide experience in flood forecasting, water resources and hydrometeorological studies. He has published some 45 scientific and conference papers on topics in hydrology, hydrometeorology and hydraulics, and the books "Flood Warning, Forecasting and Emergency Response" (Springer, 2008) and "Hydrometeorology: Forecasting and Applications" (Springer, 2009)
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