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September 2005



Provides information to create high quality prints on glass. This handbook begins with basic processes and then introduces more sophisticated methods in subsequent chapters, offering creative methods of working across the main areas of glass art. The specific materials, mediums and methods are explained.


Kevin Petrie is a well-known glass and ceramic artist. He is a frequent contributor to various glass and ceramic journals and is currently a research lecturer at the University of Sunderland which has one of the best glass courses in the UK.


"I found this an exciting book. Every new chapter had me thinking that I ought to experiment with whatever was under discussion... A treasure trove of possibilities to marry ancient and modern printmaking techniques with glass, in two and three dimensions, ranging from small etchings offset onto glass panels, to enourmous, architectural, screenprinted glass objects. Consistently engaging and easy to follow." Printmaking Today (Spring 2007)
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