Managing Accountability

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Managing for Accountability is an invaluable guide for organizations struggling with issues of accountability and for managers who want to maintain their outstanding record in serving the public trust. Shows how to take a proactive approach to accountability and offers a range of practical, proven strategic management approaches, advice on implementing strategic tools, illustrative examples, useful checklists, and diagnostic tools. Helps identify the strategic issues related to accountability and outlines effective tools and methods for implementing standards of responsibility and accountability.


THE ACCOUNTABILITY ENVIRONMENT OF PUBLIC AND NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS; Accountability Concepts and Controversies: Historical Precedents and Contemporary Trends; Preserving the Public Trust: The Challenge of Accountability; TOOLS FOR MANAGING ACCOUNTABILITY; A Strategic Managing Approach: Core Principles; Scanning the Accountability Environment; Conducting an Accountability Audit; Clarifying Strategic Accountability Issues; CASE STUDIES OF ACCOUNTABILITY CHALLENGES: EXAMINING TACTICAL AND STRATEGIC APPROACHES; A Cautionary Tale: The Orange County Investment Fund; Proactive Accountability: The Sum One for Kids Project; Conclusion: Leadership for Accountability; Special Resource Section: Accountability Worksheets.


KEVIN P. KEARNS is associate professor and associate dean of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Puttsburgh. He is also director of the certificate program in nonprofit management at that school.


"Managing for Accountability offers a practical and plausible approach to developing and maintaining meaningful accountability." (Terry L. Cooper, professor, School of Public Administration, University of Southern California)"I recommAnd this book to anyone involved or interested in becoming involved in nonprofit or public service organizations and environments. It is subtle and clear, with strategic pointers on how to mobilize in response to changing circumstances in the public arena today. Managing for Accountability is a useful handbook to all who can learn to smile, cry, and moan their way through public service." (William J. Coyne, Congressman, Pennsylvania)"An absolutely splAndid book--much needed and virtually definitive as a guide to thinking about, and executing, accountability activities in public and nonprofit organizations. Managing for Accountability is comprehensive, realistic, practical, and sophisticated." (Vic Murray, professor, Voluntary Sector Management Program, York University)"Kevin Kearns' book presents a practical rather than an idealistic approach to accountability, an approach that is broad and flexible enough for many different types of organizations....Reading the book will provide much food for thought about the challenges of managing a public or nonprofit organization." (Government Finance Review)
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