Rethinking Public Relations: PR Propaganda and Democracy

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April 2006



In this updated second edition Kevin Moloney challenges conventional public relations thinking, thoroughly investigates topical issues, and expands and updates the arguments put forward in the successful first edition.


1. A Great Niagara of PR 2. PR from Top to Bottom 3. A Future with PR 4. PR and Propaganda 5. PR Propaganda in the UK 6. Can PR and Democracy Co-exist? 7. Is PR Damaging Democracy? 8. Ethics, Social Responsibility, Stakeholders 9. Politics, Corporate PR, Campaigning 10. Markets, Branding, Reputation 11. Media Matters 12. The Consequences of PR Propaganda


Kevin Moloney has spent one half of his career working in PR, and the other half teaching and researching it. He teaches at Bournemouth University, and researches into how PR intersects with politics, economics and the media.


'Kevin Moloney analyses the relations of PR propaganda and democracy with a very wide intellectual and professional horizon. The style of his text is clear ... even entertaining. All those who are in or close to the profession of public relations will read Moloney's book with enthusiasm' European Journal of Marketing, 2009 'Moloney's book is colourful and polemic, positioned as a project of 'PR watch'. He conveys something of a 'Niagara of spin' in his fast moving prose which makes extensive references to US sources on propaganda and public relations.' - Jacquie L'Etang, Department of Film and Media Studies, University of Stirling, UK 'Like Shakespeare's Caesar, public relations 'bestrides the world like a colossus', and the wider world urgently needs a more mature understanding of what it really is. For this reason alone, Kevin Moloney's thoughtful, balanced book deserves a large readership, certainly inside and, even more importantly, outside the public relations community. But there are other good reasons also. First of all, the author is extremely lucid; second, he does what many scholars should do but too often do not: propose realistic solutions as well as identify core problems and questions. Some of those solutions are far-reaching: all of them should be heard.' - Simon Moore, Associate Professor, Bentley College, Massachusetts, USA
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