The IMF Crisis of 1976 and British Politics: Keynesian Social Democracy, Monetarism and Economic Liberalism: The 1970s Struggle in British Politics

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Mai 2005



The 1976 IMF crisis was a seminal event in modern British political and economic history. This study, based on vital original source material, including interviews with leading actors, probes economic thought and practice by governments and questions much received wisdom, especially that the effect of the IMF crisis was a shift to the monetarist orthodoxy and right-wing economic liberalism of the 1980s--to be embraced by all parties including New Labour.


Kevin Hickson is Lecturer in Politics at the University of Liverpool. He is the author of The IMF Crisis and British Politics (I.B.Tauris).


TLS, 29th April 2005. Review by Mark Garnett: "The most commendable feature of this book is Hickson's attempt to explain the interaction between ideas, personalities and events".
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