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The most powerful country of the world and the oldest democracy - the United States of America - once again created history on 6th November, 2012 by getting elected a black, middle class, Constitutional Law expert American Professor with a Muslim name. It raised eyebrows of many people. Also it created curiosity among a large section of people about Barack Obama, his policies, the election system as well politics of America. Hence, an honest and sincere attempt has been made to highlight the life and activities of this great and most powerful man in the world. The book has been organized into six chapters excluding Introduction. In the Introduction part a brief outline of Barack Obama's early life and stories of rising in politics has been incorporated. The First Chapter deals with the election procedures of the United States of America. The Second Chapter highlights the various policies of Obama Administration. The Third Chapter deals with the 2012 presidential elections of the USA. The Fourth Chapter argues in favor of Obama's policies. Chapter Five is the critical estimate of his achievements.Chapter Six is the concluding chapter.


The author is presently working in the capacity of an independent researcher. He teaches Political Science in Ghatal Y.S.S Vidyapith, Ghatal, Paschim Medinipur, W.B., India. His areas of research are Gender Empowerment and Development Studies. He is a theoretician of state politics, Local Self Government and women's empowerment.
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