The Evidence for the Top Quark

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April 2015



This 2004 book offers a historical and philosophical perspective on evidence for the elementary particle known as the top quark.


Introduction; 1. Origins of the third generation of matter; 2. Building a detector and a collaboration to run it; 3. Doing physics: CDF closes in on the top; 4. Writing up the evidence: The evolution of a result; 5. Run Ib: 'Observation' of the top quark, and second thoughts and 'evidence'; 6. A model of the experiment: Error statistical evidence and the top quark; 7. Bias, uncertainty, and evidence; Epilogue.


Review of the hardback: '... a significant contribution to the history and philosophy of both experiment and science.' Allen Franklin, University of Colorado at Boulder, author of The Neglect of Experiment Review of the hardback: 'It should become a model of how philosophers do a case study in the history of science ... The philosophy, history and sociology are fully integrated. All in all, it's a wonderful book.' Craig Callender, University of California, San Diego
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