November: Lincoln's Elegy at Gettysburg

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November 2001



Reflects on the November anniversaries of public events such as the Armistice that ended World War One, Kristallnacht, the assassination of John F Kennedy, the death of C S Lewis, the first major battle of the Vietnam War, and the publication of Robert F Kennedy's "To Seek a Newer World".


Table of Contents - Nov. 1 - Years Ago (All Saints); Nov. 2 - Our Fathers (L. L.); Nov. 3 - Brought Forth (Pen and Sword); Nov. 4 - In Vain (Lycidas); Nov. 5 - The Living and the Dead (Character); Nov. 9 - Never Forget (Nights of Broken Glass); Nov. 11 - Long Endure (Armistice Day); Nov. 14 - The Brave Men (Ia Drang); Nov. 15 - A Great Civil War (Virginia Wade); Nov. 16 - Final Resting Place (Sanctuary); Nov. 17 - What We Say Here (The Other Address); Nov. 18 - We Have Come to Dedicate (The Visitor); Nov. 19 - The Gettysburg Address; Nov. 20 That Cause (Confederate Rose); Nov. 21 - The World Will Little Note (Futility); Nov. 22 - A Larger Sense (Dallas and Oxford); Nov. 23 - For Us, the Living (Weep No More); Nov. 24 - The Last Full Measure of Devotion (Ulysses); Nov. 25 - Unfinished Work (JFK); Nov. 26 - Shall Not Perish (Beautiful and Brave); Nov. 27 - Highly Resolve (Thanksgiving); Nov. 28 - These Honored Dead (Elegy); Nov. 29 - Under God (Winter Saturday); Nov. 30 - New Birth (Advent); Appendix I - Modernism and Postmodernism; Appendix II - Lycidas; Appendix III - Elegy Written in a Country Church-Yard; Appendix IV - Anthem for Doomed Youth; Notes; Index


Kent Gramm is Program Director of the Seminary Ridge Historical Preservation Foundation and author of Gettysburg: A Meditation on War and Values and Somebody s Darling: Essays on the Civil War, forthcoming from Indiana University Press."
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