Farm Management: A Comparative Study

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August 2003



A companion CD-ROM will also be available to instructors as a teaching resource. The CD-ROM will include Power Point slides, end of chapter notes, test bank, quizzes and more.


Strategic management--How to evaluate, choose, and implement the business strategies that best fit the farmer, the farm and the changing world. Production and operations planning--How to benefit from techniques and management tools used in general business. Quality management and control--How to decrease costs, better meet consumer demands and improve the progress towards goals and objectives. Production contract evaluation--Discusses how to evaluate contracts and includes a checklist of items that a farmer should consider. Decision-making beyond the traditional microeconomic analysis--In addition to the topics just mentioned, the text includes decision making under risk and the development of scenarios to understand the impact of an uncertain future.


Dr. Kent Olson is professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. He is involved in applied research, on-campus teaching, and extension education. He has taught farm management for 25 years on campus and in extension settings. His research emphasizes farm level management issues, especially the interaction between farming and the environment, sustainable agriculture, decision-making, alternative production technologies, and the impact of government policies. Dr. Olson has also been the state coordinator for two farm record associations in Minnesota. He grew up on a farm in north-central Iowa, graduated from Iowa State University, and was a farm management extension specialist at the University of California-Davis before joining the faculty at Minnesota in 1985. He and his siblings continue to own and manage a farm in Iowa.

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