The Turnings of Darkness and Light: Essays in Philosophical and Systematic Theology

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April 2003



This collection of essays, written between 1975 and 1987, covers topics including the doctrine of analogy, the Trinity, theological realism, the problims of evil and suffering, ecclesiology, and the so-called theistic proofs. The earlier writings relect the author's training as a philosopher in the Anglo-Aamerican analytic tradition. Later essays have a more explicitly theological focus, and they attempt to deal with and move beyond the tradition through hermeneutics, and literary and social theory. This collection thus addresses a wider list of topics than is usual in works of philsophical theology, and is unique in its use of interdisciplinary methods and approaches.


Preface; Abbreviations; 1. Creation, revelation and the analogy theory; 2. The Trinity and philosophical reflection: a study of David Brown's The Divine Trinity; 3. 'Is it true what they say about 'theological realism'?'; 4. The impassibility of God and the problem of evil; 5. Theodicy?; 6. Tragedy and the soul's conquest of evil; 7. Atonement and moral apocalypticism: William Styron's Sophie's Choice; 8. Atonement and christology; 9. Revelation, salvation, the uniqueness of Christ and other religions; 10. 'Many religions and the one true faith': an examination of Lindbeck's chapter 3; 11. Contemptus mundi and the disenchanted world: Bonhoeffer's 'discipline of the secret' and Adorno's 'strategy of hibernation'; 12. 'The weight of weakness': intratextuality and discipleship; 13. 'Theistic arguments' and 'rational theism'; Notes; Index of names; Index of subjects.
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