With Rifle & Petticoat: Women as Big Game Hunters, 1880-1940

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August 2002



Detailing specific time periods, regions hunted (Africa, Alaska, The Plains) and individual women, Kenneth Czech explores the interesting women who hunted a variety of big game animals around the world.


Kenneth Czech is a history professor at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. His previous books include Snapshot: America Discovers the Camera, and An Annotated Bibliography of African Big Game Hunting Books, 1780-1950. He has also contributed to numerous journals and magazines. He is also an antiquarian book dealer specializing in sporting books.


We had known from the very first that our men regarded the feminine part of our expedition very much in the light of an American dine show... Why talk to them of our experiences_ days with rhino, lion, leopard. It akways seems to me that when anything you have done in the past looms very large and splendid in your eyes, it argues that you have not accomplished much today.--Agnes Hebert, Author of Two Dianas in Alaska "Guns and Gears "
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