Slavery, Atlantic Trade and the British Economy, 1660 1800

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August 2003



This book considers the impact of slavery and Atlantic trade on British economic development during the beginning of British industrialization. Kenneth Morgan investigates five key areas within the topic that have been subject to historical debate: the profits of the slave trade; slavery, capital accumulation and British economic development; exports and transatlantic markets; the role of business institutions; and the contribution of Atlantic trade to the growth of British ports. This stimulating and accessible book provides essential reading for students of slavery and the slave trade, and British economic history.


Introduction; 1. The context; 2. The debates; 3. The profits of the slave trade; 4. Slavery, Atlantic trade and capital accumulation; 5. British exports and transatlantic markets; 6. Business institutions and the British economy; 7. Atlantic trade and British ports; Conclusion.


"Kenneth Morgan's Slavery, Atlantic Trade and the British Economy is a concise, readable summary of the debate about the significance of slave-based Atlantic trade to British economic growth in the eighteenth century. He has condensed some often complicated economic discussions into straightforward prose. The book is of value to upper-level students in Atlantic history and specialists in the field." International Journal of Maritime History " As a work in summary it is written with clarity and elegance that does not weaken the analytical integrity and their discursive context." Albion
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