Historical Dictionary of London

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November 2001



Panton details London's growth from its foundation in Roman times to its modern place as one of the world's preeminent financial, commercial and cultural capitals. Entries cover general themes (such as immigration, housing, street markets, and health care) as well as specific topics (including individual historic buildings, financial institutions, museums, transport modes, major city center hotels and West End theaters). Significant contributors to the city's government, such as the legendary Dick Whittington, also receive attention, along with immigrant groups and major events such as the Great Fire, the Great Plague, the development of the subway system, and the growth of the Stock Exchange.


Chapter 1 List of Illustrations Chapter 2 Editor's Foreword Jon Woronoff Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 Notes to the Reader Chapter 5 List of Acronyms and Abbreviations Chapter 6 Maps Chapter 7 The Development of London Chapter 8 London County Council Boroughs, 1899-1965 Chapter 9 The London Boroughs Since 1965 Chapter 10 Chronologies Chapter 11 Historical Events Chapter 12 Lord Mayors of the City of London Chapter 13 Chairmen of London County Council Chapter 14 Chairmen of the Greater London Council Chapter 15 London's Population Growth, 1801-1996 Chapter 16 Introduction Chapter 17 THE DICTIONARY Chapter 18 Appendices Chapter 19 London Local Government Authorities: Addresses and Telephone Numbers Chapter 20 World Wide Web Addresses Chapter 21 Bibliography Chapter 22 About the Author


Kenneth Panton is Associate Professor of Geography, and Director of British Studies Programs at the University of Southern Mississippi. He taught at London Guildhall University for 25 years.


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