Labour, Work and Architecture

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April 2002



Labour, Work and Architecture is an anthology of writings by the renowned architectural critic, Kenneth Frampton. The book brings together 25 essays and writings from the last thirty years, which focus on twentieth-century architecture, examining themes and movements in architecture, built works and the architects responsible for these buildings. It presents a rich body of written work, serving to situate recent architecture into its broader historical context, by an internationally influential author committed to the understanding and improvement of our built environment.The essays are presented in chronological order, within three distinct sections -- Theory, History and Criticism -- beginning with 1964 to the present day. Most have been published before in various journals and books; a few will be edited or expanded for this book and this is the first time Frampton's writings have been published in one self-contained volume. The book will become a key resource on twentieth architecture by a highly-respected, and highly readable, scholar as well as a mentor to a younger generation of architectural writers and architects.This anthology of writings contains twenty-five essays by Kenneth Frampton from 1964 to the present day. The predominant focus of the collection is twentieth-century architecture; Frampton examines a variety of themes and movements in architecture, built works and the architects responsible for these buildings. The essay subjects range from Russian Constructivism to the Case Study houses of West coast America. A number of individual architects and buildings are also explored, such as Le Corbusier, Adolf Loos, Louis Kahn, Hans Scharoun's Philmarmonie in Berlin,the Leicester Engineering Building by Stirling Kahn & Gowen, the Ford Foundation Headquarters by Roche and Dinkeloo Associates, and contemporary Swiss architectural practices.The essays are presented in chronological order, within three distinct sections -- Theory, History


Prelims; Kenneth Frampton Introduction: The Predicament of Architecture at the Turn of the Century; Essays with section introductions by Frampton Theory; Apropos Ulm: Curriculum and Critical Theory; The Volvo Case; Labour, Work and Architecture: The Status of Man and the Status of His Objects; Towards a Critical Regionalism: Six Points for an Architecture of Resistance; Rappel a l'Ordre: The Case for the Tectonic; History; The Humanist versus the Utilitarian Ideal; The Work and Influence of El Lissitsky; The Maison de Verre as Bachelor Machine; Team 10: The Vicissitudes of Ideology; Constructivism: The Pursuit of an Elusive Sensibility; Louis Kahn and the French Connection; In Spite of Void: The Otherness of Adolf Loos; The Other Le Corbusier: Primitive Form and the Linear City 1929-52; The Usonian Legacy; The Legacy of Alvar Aalto: Evolution and Influence; Criticism; Leicester University Engineering Laboratory; Genesis of the Philarmonie; A House of Ivy League Values; Moneo's Paseo: The Bankinter, Madrid; The Structural Regionalism of Herman Hertzberger; Alvaro Siza: At the Still Point of the Turning World; The Synthesis of Opposites: The Work of Tadao Ando; In the Name of the Father; Minimal Moralia: Reflections on Recent Swiss German Production; Footnotes; Biography and Selected Bibliography; Index; Acknowledgements


Kenneth Frampton is an internationally respected architectural critic who holds the Ware Professorship in Architecture at Columbia University, New York. He lectures extensively in the US and Europe, and has also written, edited and contributed to numerous publications on contemporary architecture. He is the author of Modern Architecture: A Critical History, Studies in Tectonic Culture and Alvaro Siza (Phaidon, 2000).


'For his entire career Mr Frampton has looked beneath the aesthetic surface of buildings in search of deeper meanings ...' (Paul Goldberger, The New York Times)
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