In Defiance of Death: Exposing the Real Costs of End-Of-Life Care

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März 2008



Death is a natural part of life. But it has become a painful, protracted, and, humiliating process. This book reviews the state of end-of-life care and highlights it's many problems from a variety of economic, political and social perspectives.


Kenneth A. Fisher is a nephrology consultant for the Borgess and Bronson Hospitals in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Lindsay E. Rockwell, D.O is a haematologist and oncologist in private practice in Northampton, Massachusetts. Missy Scott, former broadcast journalist, is a freelance writer and instructional designer.


"Nephrology consultant Fisher exposes the interface between economics and compassion issues in the dying process that, in the US, is often protracted and medicalized. He proposes possible solutions to address the economics of dying and provide a more humane death. A historical review of hospital and nursing home development, health professionals' education, and health care legislation, along with data about the US's poorer outcomes and higher costs compared to many Western nations, paints a dismal picture. Interlaced with this material are patients' stories that illustrate the human suffering that results from dysfunctional health care. This book is most valuable in helping to illuminate the issues and raise awareness--for consumers, health professionals, and politicians--about the fallacies of the current system. Fisher's proposed solutions include oversight from a tiered system of appropriate-care committees (which are somewhat emulated by current institutional ethics committees, and likely will not be accepted in today's sociopolitical climate). At the root of many issues is what is so poignantly discussed in the foreword: the importance of having health care professionals who are connected with their patients. Professional-patient communication is not occurring, or not occurring early enough in the illness trajectory--for the many reasons so aptly explained here. Highly recommended." - Choice
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