Homelessness Prevention in Treatment of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

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August 1999



Through Homelessness Prevention in Treatment of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness: Logic Models and Implementation of Eight American Projects, you will discover the theory or logic guiding each program including an up-to-date review of the literature supporting each theory. You will also find a description of the implementation of the program as well as its history, the practical issues involved in delivering services, the pitfalls, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future.


Contents Preface Cooperative Agreements for CMHS/CSAT Collaborative Program to Prevent Homelessness: An Overview Creating and Using Logic Models: Four Perspectives Homelessness Prevention Therapeutic Community (TC) for Addicted Mothers Dyadic Case Management as a Strategy for Prevention of Homelessness Among Chronically Debilitated Men and Women with Alcohol and Drug Dependence Preventing Homelessness in Florida Housing Solutions: The Community Connections Housing Program: Preventing Homelessness by Integrating Housing and Supports From Streets to Homes: The Pathways to Housing: Consumer Preference Supported Housing Model Project H.O.M.E.: A Comprehensive Program for Homeless Individuals with Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders A Home-Based Family Intervention For Ethnic Minorities With a Mentally Ill Member Representative Payee for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness at Community Counseling Centers of Chicago Cross-Site Issues in the Collaborative Program to Prevent Homelessness: Conclusion Index Reference Notes Included
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