Digital Photography: Expert Techniques

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Whether you're a new photographer or an experienced pro, this book will guide you through the labyrinth of options and choices you face from the moment you see a photo opportunity to the time you share your final results. And it will help you minimize the time needed to fix your mistakes along the way.
Through step-by-step procedures based on years of experience, professional photographer Ken Milburn describes a complete workflow sequence that begins with essential equipment and preparation, takes you through detailed editing techniques, and ends with your finished images looking the way you want, ready to be shown to the world.
This completely revised edition of Milburn's original bestseller teaches you everything you need to do before, during, and after the editing process.
* Be prepared with the right equipment
* Get the basic shots right
* Organize your photos and find the gems
* Make reversible adjustments
* Refine your images with care
* Use special effects cautiously and tastefully
* Publish and share your images effectively
You'll also learn advanced techniques with Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop Elements, though this isn' t a typical Photoshop how-to book. Milburn's workflow strategy ensures that high-production jobs are done professionally with a minimum of frustration. With Digital Photography: Expert Techniques, you'll become a better (and more profitable) photographer.


Ken Milburn has been a photographer, both full- and part-time, for nearly five decades. Ken has written over 300 articles and columns for computer magazines as well as 17 books on web design, Flash, and (mostly) Adobe Photoshop and digital photography. Books currently in print include Digital Photography: 99 Tips to Make you Look Like a Pro, The Photoshop 7 Virtual Classroom, and Photoshop Elements 2.0--The Complete Reference (all from Osborne/McGraw-Hill), and The Digital Photography Bible, 2nd Edition, from Wiley. His newest book, for O'Reilly, the Digital Photography: Expert Techniques, releases in March 2004.


"Ken Milburn hat einen einen 400 Seiten starken Band über Digital Photography Expert Techniques herausgebracht. In der zweiten Auflage zeigt der Autor wie man als professionell orientierter Fotograf den digitalen Workflow in den Griff bekommt. Was er dabei thematisiert, habe ich in dieser Form und Zusammenstellung bisher noch in keinem deutschen Photoshop-Buch gefunden." - Baumanns Magazin für digitale Bildbearbeitung, November 2006
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