Kids, Classrooms, and Capitol Hill: A Peek Inside the Walls of America's Public Schools

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There's a battle going on in public education right now. Education reform is every politician's favorite new cause. But educators, the experts in teaching and learning, are being left out of the conversation. And true education reform cannot happen until we see the issues clearly. Edgy, funny and poignant, Kids, Classrooms, and Capitol Hill explores the issues, big and small, facing the key players in what sometimes feels like an impossible quest-- educating our nation's youth.


1 Teachers: An Interesting Breed 2 The Classroom Experience: You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up 3 Seasons: It Takes No More than a Change in the Wind to Rile Them Up 4 Students: We Love Them...Well, Most of Them...Most of the Time...Really 5 Student Issues: Boys and Girls, Birds and Bees, the Nature of the Beast 6 Discipline: It's Not a Dirty Word, it Just Feels Like It 7 Parents: You Didn't Think the Client Was the Student, Did You? 8 Public Schools: The Ever Evolving American Institution 9 Politics and Legislation: NCLB- Did Congress Even Bother to Read the Damn Thing Before They Voted on It? 10 Take Back the Profession: We're the Experts on Teaching and Learning


Kelly Flynn is a freelance newspaper columnist for The Flint Journal in Michigan, covering all aspects of education.


Reflection on the ramifications of student-learning, or failure to learn, is crucial to improving our education system. Kelly reflects clearly and accurately, and her insights can help all parties involved better understand the workings of our often unfairly maligned public school systems. -- Rick Ferriby, educational field instructor, Michigan State University Kelly Flynn has an exceptional ability to articulate the artful practice of educating children. She writes from the perspective of a former teacher, and provocateur, of what works, and doesn't work, in education. -- Jim Mikulski, lecturer and clinical supervisor, University of Michigan, Flint Teachers have always wanted someone to tell the world how things really work within the education field. This is a wish come true! This book discusses the good, the bad and the ugly about the educational system today...This book will educate parents and administrators, reinvigorate veteran teachers, inspire those seeking to get into education and scare off those who really don't belong in education to begin with! -- J. Prescott, Wesley College, Deleware I love [this book]. As an educator, I usually read material like this with a 'cocked eye.' I get so tired of listening to educators who have left the profession, whine! It's refreshing to read someone discuss the problems in education with views which are thoroughly researched and factual. -- Jerry Tereick, teaching specialist, University of Minnesota As a retired teacher, I like to joke that I spent much of my teaching career preparing for my legislative one: I taught emotionally impaired children! Kelly has captured both the classroom - and the foolishness of much of the legislation that affects it. -- Jack Minore, retired teacher and former Michigan state representative
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