Just Good Business: The Strategic Guide to Aligning Corporate Responsibility and Brand

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November 2008



For two critical stakeholder groups in Corporate America - consumers and employees - corporate social responsibility (CSR) is clearly starting to matter. Data suggests that consumers will respond eagerly and positively to CSR messaging if it follows and is integrated into core branding attributes of high quality and fair price. Similarly, employees are more attracted to firms that have and engage employees in a stated CSR strategy. Today's generation of business managers want more from their employers than a paycheck and a challenging job: they want to use their 60-80-hour work weeks to give back. They want to harness the considerable power and resources of their employers to create a better world and make a profit. With respect to both customers and employees, CSR can represent a powerful differentiator from the competition.Every major company has a corporate strategy based on business objectives and competencies of the firm. Most large companies have at least fragmented CSR initiatives, programs, and focus points, and most have dedicated corporate communications teams and focused branding and marketing campaigns. And all companies have employees, who serve, consciously or not, as brand ambassadors. What's missing-and what McElhaney offers--is an integrated strategy for connecting the dots between CSR efforts, branding and communication to customers and employees, and the company's core business goals.


1. Introduction
2. Unbundling the complex space of corporate responsibility
3. Internal CSR
4. External CSR
5. CSR Strategies and Frameworks
6. Communicating CSR
7. CSR in a Global Context
8. Partnering for CSR
10. Recommendations for Strategic CSR, by sector


Kellie McElhaney is the John C. Whitehead Faculty Fellow of Corporate Responsibility and the Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Business at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. Kellie teaches multiple courses on Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility in all of the Haas School's degree programs, which include in-depth student consulting engagements with companies on high-visibility strategic CSR challenges.
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