Images of Mainstreaming: Educating Students with Disabilities

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This work occupies a unique place amongst the array of books addressing the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms. In contrast to the more prescriptive books on the market, Images of Mainstreaming emphasizes the extensive use of case studies and the use of reflection on case studies to change teaching practices. Its goal is to help preservice and practicing teachers and administrators examine the challenging issue of inclusion from the perspective of other teachers.


1. Teacher Thinking and Behaviour in Mainstream Classrooms Robert F. McNergney, Daniel P. Hallahn & Joanne M. Herbert 2. Deriving Professional Knowledge from Cases Stephen C. Bronack & Robert F. McNergney 3. An Effective Teacher in an Inner-city Mainstreamed Classroom Joanne M. Herbert & Clayton E. Keller 4. An Effective Teacher in a Rural Mainstremed Classroom Edward A. McShane & Cynthia L. Cox 5. An Effective Teacher in a Suburban Mainstreamed Classroom E. Jane Nowacek & Shari Saunders 6. An Effective Special Education Teacher in a Self-Contained Classroom Jean S. Lindsay & Edward A. McShane 7. A Student Teacher in an Urban Mainstreamed Classroom Mary Phillips Manke & Anthony D. Norman 8. Windows on the World of Teaching: A Cross-Case Analysis Mary Catherine Ellwein 9. Students' Perceptions of Teachers and Teaching Deborah J. Gallagher, Melody Tankersley & Joanne M. Herbert 10. Helping Teachers Reflect on Their Action Joanne M. Herbert 11. Working Together to Help Teachers and Students Robert F. McNergney, Daniel P. Hallahan, Stanley C. Trent & Jill C. Hockenbury
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