The Solution-Centric Organization

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Learn from great companies like Microsoft and IBM how to shift your focus from products to solutions and winning new customers, raising productivity, and achieving double-digit growth
The key for your company, especially if it's a technology company, to improve its growth rate is to define itself by the problems it solves rather than by the products it makes. To do that effectively, it must align all aspects of marketing into the problem/solution framework, apply solution-selling techniques to all channels, and provide comprehensive support for their solution-centric disciplines. "The Solution-Centric Organization gives you a crash course in applying this new model to your company.


Keith Eades is the founder, president, and CEO of Sales Performance International (SPI). He has consulted with the senior management teams of leading edge organizations and trained thousands of sales and executive management professionals on the principles of Solution Selling. Robert Kear is vice president of Marketing at SPI. He has more than 20 years of extensive, hands-on experience in all facets of technology industry management.
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