Refiguring History: New Thoughts on an Old Discipline

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November 2002



In this engaging sequel to Rethinking History, Keith Jenkins argues for a re-figuration of historical study. At the core of his survey lies the realization that objective and disinterested histories as well as historical 'truth' are unachievable. The past and questions about the nature of history remain interminably open to new and disobedient approaches.Jenkins reassesses conventional history in a bold fashion. His committed and radical study presents new ways of 'thinking history', a new methodology and philosophy and their impact on historical practice.This volume is written for students and teachers of history, illuminating and changing the core of their discipline.


'Refiguring History does just that with recent debates over the nature and aims of historical knowledge. In the process, he not only clarifies the differences between modernist and postmodernist conceptions of "the past," he also assesses their relative value for life. This is a small masterpiece which moves the debate over "learning from history" to a new and more fascinating level of engagement.' - Hayden White, Stanford University 'Jenkins is himself responsible to no small degree for placing radical reflection about the nature of academic history on the agenda. This at times outrageously provocative book, full of colour and vigour, will stimulate a keen appetite for historical theory and philosophy among students, and cannot fail to liven up seminar discussion. It therefore fully lives up to the expectations the author has come to generate.' - Rethinking History Journal
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