Results-Driven Teaching: Teach So Well That Every Student Learns

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In this book, Keen Babbage explores the realistic demands of teaching and the unlimited possibilities within the profession. This book will challenge and inspire new and experienced teachers to become results-driven in order to benefit students and to create a productive and rewarding career.


Chapter 1 What Is Teaching? Chapter 2 What Is a Teacher? Chapter 3 What Is the Idea and the Ideal of a Teacher? Chapter 4 What Is the Purpose of Teaching? Chapter 5 What Is the Job Description of a Results-Driven Teacher? Chapter 6 What Results-Driven Teaching Is Not Chapter 7 What a Results-Driven Teacher Is Not Chapter 8 What College Students Preparing to Be Results-Driven Teachers Needs to Know Now Chapter 9 What Results-Driven Teachers Who Will Stay in This Profession Need to Know Chapter 10 Wonderful Possibilities and Realistic Frustrations-How to Thrive and Cope Chapter 11 Case Studies and Profiles-Results-Driven Teaching in Action


Keen Babbage has 22 years of experience in education as a middle school and high school administrator, college instructor, and graduate school instructor. He has written six other books about education, all published by Rowman & Littlefield Education.


Through the use of real-life experiences, vignettes, and case studies, he presents an excellent argument for teachers to do more than simply cover the material and cover the textbook within a given time frame. Using a systematic approach, the author rigorously analyzes techniques teachers can utilize to approach the holy grail of modern education: facilitating learning for every student in the class. That makes this an insightful, practical volume that could be read profitably by future teachers, new teachers, and experienced teachers alike. Recommended. CHOICE
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