Spaces of Approximating Functions with Haar-like Conditions

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Juni 1994



Tchebycheff (or Haar) and weak Tchebycheff spaces play a central role when considering problems of best approximation from finite dimensional spaces. The aim of this book is to introduce Haar-like spaces, which are Haar and weak Tchebycheff spaces under special conditions. It studies topics of subclasses of Haar-like spaces, that is, classes of Tchebycheff or weak Tchebycheff spaces, spaces of vector-valued monotone increasing or convex functions and spaces of step functions. The notion of Haar-like spaces provides a general point of view which includes the theories of approximation from the above spaces. The contents are largely new. Graduate students and researchers in approximation theory will be able to read this book with only basic knowledge of analysis, functional analysis and linear algebra.


Preliminaries.- Characterizations of approximating spaces of C[a, b] or C 0(Q).- Some topics of haar-like spaces of F[a, b].- Approximation by vector-valued monotone increasing or convex functions.- Approximation by step functions.
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