Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data over Parts of Northeast, Nigeria

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Januar 2015



The geophysical investigation of the subsurface structures of parts of Benue Trough and Bornu Basin, northeast Nigeria, using aeromagnetic data was studied. The area is bounded by latitude 9.5N to 12.0N and longitude 9.5E to 12.0E. The residual data were subjected to structural analysis using Centre for Exploration Targeting grid plug-ins, 2D subsurface modelling and depth analyses using spectral depth and SPI. The magnetic trends has a dominant trend in northwest-southeast. The results of CET showed that the two basins Bornu and Benue had similar structural relationship with more structural activities in Bornu Basin, the Basement Complex region and the volcanic areas. The maximum sedimentary thickness obtained with spectral analysis was 3.72km. The result of the SPI has its maximum thickness of about 5.0km. The result of 2D modelling showed that the sedimentary thicknesses ranged from 0.0km to a maximum of 4.6km. The maximum thicknesses were found around central areas to northeast. The maximum sedimentary thicknesses obtained is adequate for hosting of hydrocarbons. The end results of these methods showed that Benue Trough was separated from the Bornu Basin at about latitude 11.0N


Salako K.A. obtained B.Tech. in Physics/Computer Science, M.Tech. in Applied Geophysics and Ph.D in Applied Geophysics from Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria in the year 2000, 2006 and 2014 respectively. He joined the service of the University in 2001 as Graduate Assistant and rose through the rank to Senior Lecturer in 2014.
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