Sustainable Land Management

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India envisages sustaining an agricultural growth at 4.0-4.5% in order to reduce food insecurity and poverty while increasing rural purchasing power and promoting sustainable development. However, it is a mammoth task given the varied climatic conditions and weather aberrations. Currently the growth rate is 2.25% despite major interventions by Government of India. Rainfed regions with 85 mha in India holds key to success and sustainable land management through adoption of improved practices is critical. The book describes an evaluation procedure developed for Sustainable Land Management and presents the results of impact in parts of the Semi-arid Tropical region in the Deccan Plateau in Peninsular India. The Ex-Post Impact Assessment(epIA) procedure adds to our knowledge base. The book presents applications of GIS and remote sensing in fields of soil science, soils and waters conservation engineering, agricultural geography, in addition to guidance for implementation and monitoring of similar rural development projects. Designed for scientists, researchers, development specialists and policy makers, the book would be useful for natural resource management in rainfed regions.


Kaushalya Ramachandran is Principal Scientist & ICAR National Fellow. She is a DAAD alumni and a recipient of Punjabrao Deshmukh Women Agriculture Scientist Award conferred by ICAR in 2006. The Global Land Project -- IGBP - IHDP consortium has endorsed her research project on Sustainable Watershed Development Projects in 2008.
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