Using Technology in Middle Grades Language Arts: Strategies to Improve Student Learning

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April 2008



Whether you are a technophobe or an accomplished in integrating technology into your classroom, this book is for you. Using Technology in Middle Grades Language Arts will provide you with ideas for incorporating technology into your classroom for real results. There are practical how to tips and suggested activities, as well as scores of resources. Often teachers implement technology for the sake of meeting state or local standards. This text not only presents technology applications, but also facilitates reflections on your beliefs and motivation for implementing technology.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Enhancing Active Learning with Technology Chapter 3 Using Technology to Respond to Literature Chapter 4 Spinning the Web with Children's and Young Adult Literature Chapter 5 Technology, Talking, and Listening to Learn Chapter 6 Cyber Comp: Technology Tools to Enhance & Inspire Composition Chapter 7 Word Wizardry Chapter 8 Visualizing Verse Online Chapter 9 Gaining Language Wisdom from OWLs, Online Writing Labs Chapter 10 Music, Movement and Laughter: How Technology Supports Creative and Critical Thinking in Language Chapter 11 Using Web Tools to Integrate Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar Chapter 12 Making Media Matter Chapter 13 Exam Questions Chapter 14 Glossary


Katrina Hunter-Mintz was a high school English Language Arts teacher for 13 years before finishing her doctorate in curriculum and instruction at the University of Alabama in 2002. Her teaching includes secondary curriculum and methods, educational technology, P-12 reading instruction and literature, and educational psychology.
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