Ranger and the Gang Series: The Case of the Twelve-Hour Deadline

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Ranger And The Gang Series are mysteries involving Ranger, Altese, Pug, Tracker, and Bernie. In "The Case of the Twelve-Hour Deadline" the Gang's ready to start their summer vacation, but a telephone call dramatically changed their plans. Their mentor and Ranger's father, Ralph Longbody, was brutally attacked in a telephone booth while checking on final clues. Ranger And The Gang followed those clues to a warehouse, jeweler, refinery, wealthy matron, and finally culminating at a museum showing that evening. Ranger And The Gang only had twelve hours before the showing to rescue Ralph. Stunned, the Gang and Ralph's partner, James Johns, delved more into the bizarre circumstances surrounding Ralph's disappearance and uncovered a network of international criminals that expanded the globe. Will they find Ralph in time or are his days numbered?

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