Learning Autonomy in Post-16 Education: The Politics and Practice of Formative Assessment

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Februar 2002



"Formative Assessment in Lifelong Learning: Learner Autonomy in a Risk Society" is a stimulating look at how different assessment practices affect learner autonomy in post-compulsory education. Recent education policy emphasizes inclusiveness and autonomy for learners - a goal which relies upon extending the use of outcome based assessment (OBA) across further, adult and higher education. While OBA democratizes the assessment process, making teachers and institutions more accountable to learners and encouraging partnerships between teachers and learners, there are social, practical and epistemological barriers to its implementation.


Introduction 1. Learning in a risk society: empowerment, care or control? 2. Theorising autonomy, motivation and formative assessment 2. Constructing GNVQ assessment policy 4. Changing FE Colleges 5. Getting through: motivation in GNVQs 6., Doing it their way: autonomy in GNVQs 7. Biting the bullets: formative assessment in GNVQs 8. Risking motivation and autonomy in lifelong learning


Kathryn Ecclestone is lecturer in post-compulsory education at the University of Newcastle


'Anyone who has ever 'delivered' General National Vocational Qualifications will appreciate this book.' - Patrick Ainley, The Lecturer
'The title doesn't convey the breadth and importance of a book that should be read by all present and intending FE teachers and managers, those in HE who study or train teachers for the post-school sector and the architects of the emerging 14-19 phase ... Ecclestone has given us a study of the context, nature and experiences of the "intractable problems [that] beset assessment systems"; it is vital reading for anyone facing the challenge of raising learners' achievement and motivation at the same time.' - John Roberts, Escalate
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