The Shaping of Art History: Wilhelm Voge, Adolph Goldschmidt, and the Study of Medieval Art

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Februar 1996



The Shaping of Art History examines art history's formation in the German academy in the late nineteenth century. Focusing on the work of Wilhelm Voge and Adolph Goldschmidt, two influential scholars of medieval art, Kathryn Brush analyzes their methods and particularly those scholarly projects that were critical to the development of their approaches. Her work combines intellectual and institutional history with the study of artistic monuments and biography. It is the first to consider how the study of the pioneering scholarship in the field of medieval art is critical to an understanding of the formulation of art historical method as a whole. Drawing on a range of published and unpublished sources, this study also demonstrates how a variety of factors, such as nationalism, scientific paradigms and personality, helped to shape the discipline, and how many of the investigative procedures developed in turn-of-the-century Germany were only selectively understood when later transmitted to Europe and America.


Part I. Mentalities: 1. Art history and cultural history during the 1880s: the discursive range; Part II. Monumental Styles in Medieval Art History: 2. Wilhelm Voge and the beginnings of the Monumental style in the Middle Ages (1894); 3. Thematic and methodological range in the scholarship of Goldschmidt and Voge to c. 1905; Part III. Resonances: 4. German and international responses at the turn of the century; 5. Implications for later discourse in medieval art history.


Review of the hardback: 'Dr Brush's study should be welcomed as a remind that it was not on the study of the Italian Renaissance alone that the discipline of art history was built. The Art Newspaper
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