From the Desk of the Middle School Principal: Leadership Responsive to the Needs of Young Adolescents

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September 2002



An honest and insightful look at the real world of middle school leadership. Grounded in the belief that schools should be responsive to the developmental needs of their students, the authors explore the distinct nature of the middle school, the appropriate responses required from middle school principals, and introduce a model for developmentally responsive leadership.


Chapter 1 List of Tables and Figures Chapter 2 Foreword by John A. Bravo Chapter 3 Introduction: The Middle School Movement and the Middle School Principal Part 4 Section 1: Responsiveness to Students: 1 Predicting the Unpredictable Journey to Independence: Adolescents' Undulating Nature Chapter 5 2 Parents as Partners: A Smorgasbord of Educational Resources Chapter 6 3 The Triple A's of "Success for All and Every Student:" Adjust, Adapt and Accommodate Part 7 Section II: Responsiveness to Faculty and Staff: 4 And the Walls Came Crumbling Down: A Unified Profession of Administrators and Teachers Chapter 8 Lifelong Learners: Job Shadowing and Peer Modeling for Teachers and Administrators Alike Part 9 Section III: Responsiveness to the School And Community: 6 Laying a New Foundation: Exploration, Education, and Edification Before Implementation Chapter 10 7 Flexibility Is the Name of the Game: Ambiguity and Chaos Are Not the Same! Chapter 11 Conclusion: The Developmentally Responsive Middle Level Principal Chapter 12 Appendix A: Identification of Middle Level Principals Chapter 13 Appendix B: Suggested Middle School References Chapter 14 References Chapter 15 Index Chapter 16 About the Authors


Kathleen M. Brown is assistant professor of educational leadership at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to receiving her Ed.D. from Temple University in educational administration and policy studies, Brown taught middle school and served as an elementary and middle school principal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey. Vincent A. Anfara, Jr. is associate professor of education leadership at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He received his Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of New Orleans in 1995. Before entering the professorate, he taught for 25 years in both middle and high schools in Louisiana and New Mexico. He has published widely on middle school advisory programs, middle school reform, and the middle level principalship. He coedited the book entitled Voices from the Middle: Decrying What Is; Imploring What Could Be with Peggy Kirby (2000). He serves as the series editor of The Handbook of Research in Middle Level Education. Currently he is president of AERA's special interest group, known as Research in Middle Level Education, and a member of NMSA's research committee.


A must read by all educators in middle schools, this book on school leadership is timely and unique. School leadership has been recognized as the primary factor in the success or failure of the school. This book focuses on the seven critical themes of school leadership based on the experiences of principals and the needs of the early adolescent. I would recommend this outstanding book for all middle school principals, assistant principals, superintendents, central office staff, parents, and boards of education. -- Walt Grebing, Past-President, National Middle School Association The Nuts & Bolts of Middle Level Education Perhaps no topic in education right now is as important as middle level leadership. Having achieved organizational ascendancy, the middle school movement, in many ways, is treading water waiting for the leadership needed to make the kind of changes in curriculum and instruction that are the heart of the middle school concept. Here is a comprehensive book that should go a long way to solve this problem. -- John Lounsbury, Senior Editor, NMSA Professional Publications
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