Beyond White Ethnicity: Developing a Sociological Understanding of Native American Identity Reclamation

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Through qualitative analysis of individuals, Kathleen J. Fitzgerald studies the social construction of racial and ethnic identity in Beyond White Ethnicity.


Chapter 1 Reclaimer Narratives: Exposing the Duality of Structure in Identity Formation Chapter 2 Challenging White Hegemony: Reclaimers and the Culture Wars Chapter 3 Reclaimer Practices: Religion, Spirituality, Language, Family, and Food Chapter 4 "If It Looks Like a Duck": Physical Appearance and Reclaimer Identity Chapter 5 "Wanna-bes" and "Indian Police": The Battle Over Authenticity


Kathleen J. Fitzgerald is associate professor of sociology at Columbia College.


Kathleen J. Fitzgerald's study of the meaning of ethnicity to Americans who 'reclaim' native lives and identities is theoretically informed and richly narrated by those whose ethnic journeys she explores. Her extensive interviews reveal the powerful motivations that keep her informants on course despite the demanding biographical excavations many must undertake along the way and the skepticism they encounter on the path to becoming Indian. This book provides another important lens through which to examine and understand the ever-changing American ethnic landscape. -- Joane Nagel, University of Kansas Highly recommended. CHOICE Fitzgerald focuses on the differing experiences of white and color ethnicities by researching Native American reclamation. Her use of qualitative ethnographic research is a poignant discussion of the issues faced by Native Americans attempting to reclaim their cultures. Fitzgerald manages to step out of the traditional sociological tradition and allow the Native speakers the dignity and humanity of their own words. The author presents information on Native reclamation in an equitable, well-discussed manner, and her book should be used widely in sociology, anthropology, ethnographic, and multicultural courses at all levels. Highly recommended. CHOICE
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