Mosaics of the Greek and Roman World

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September 2001



First major study in English of the art of mosaics in antiquity.


Introduction; Part I. Historical and Regional Development: 1. Origins and pebble mosaics; 2. The invention of tessellated mosaics: Hellenistic mosaics in the east; 3. Hellenistic mosaics in Italy; 4. Mosaics in Italy: Republican and Imperial; 5. The north-western provinces; 6. Britain; 7. The North African provinces; 8. Sicily under the Empire: Piazza Armerina; 9. The Iberian peninsula; 10. Syria and the east; 11. Palestine and Transjordan; 12. Greece: the Imperial period; 13. Asia Minor, Cyprus, Constantinople; 14. Wall and vault mosaics; 15. Opus sectile; Part II. Technique and Production: 16. Craftsmen and workshops; 17. Techniques and procedures; 18. The repertory; 19. Architectural context and function; 20. The patrons; Conclusions; Maps; Glossary of ornamental patterns; General glossary.


Katherine M. D. Dunbabin is Professor of Classics at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. She is author of The Mosaics of Roman North Africa and has published widely in journals.


'This book is a masterpiece of visual, historical, technical and social analysis.' Peter Jones, The Sunday Telegraph ' ... this is an exceptionally thorough analysis that will surely establish itself as the starting point for the study of mosaics for scholar and general reader alike.' The Art Newspaper 'There has been a need for a reliable, up-to-date general book on ancient mosaics ... The lack of proper synthesis has prevented mosaics from receiving the attention they deserve and it is to be hoped that this excellent book will succeed in making a neglected art form more accessible to a wider audience, whether of academics, students, or general readers.' Journal of Roman Studies ' ... prints no less than 318 pictures of mosaics that make fascinating viewing and are worth the cost of the book.' Archaeological Diggings
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