Out of Options: A Cognitive Model of Adolescent Suicide and Risk-Taking

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August 2004



Considering not only suicidal and risk-taking behavior, this work also covers related disorders such as depression, conduct problems, and substance abuse that often precede suicide and risk-taking. The material, presented in a structured way, allows the reader to follow the logical progression from a wide literature base. This permits a more specific examination of cognitive deficits (in problem solving and decision making) of the adolescents who engage in suicidal and risk-taking behaviors.


Dr Sofronoff is currently a Lecturer in Clinical Psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. She completed a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1998 in the area of adolescent suicide and risk-taking. Prior to undertaking studies in psychology, Kate worked as a high-school teacher for ten years so she has considerable experience working with adolesents. Dr Sofronoff is continuing to pursue research interests in the area of adolescent behavior as well as in other areas of clinical psychology. Dr Dalgliesh is a Senior Lecturer in Judgement and Decision Making in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland. From 1981 to 1988 he was a Lecturer in the Department of Social Work where his interest in child protection decision making developed. He has given many keynote talks, conference presentations and workshops on risk assessment and decision making. He is currently preparing a book, Risk and Decisions in Child Protection to be published by Wiley. The is on the editorial board of Child Abuse Review. Robert Kosky MD is Emeritus Professor of Child Psychiatry at the University of Adelaide. He has written extensively in the areas of youth suicide, delinquency and early intervention. He was Chair of the National Collaborating Centres for the child and adolescent component of the Australian Government's Survey of the Mental Health and Well Being of Austratians.


"Represents a thoroughly and thoughtfully examined conceptualization and proposed solution to the problem of adolescent suicide and risk-taking. The model is tremendously useful, practical, and solution focused...highly relevant and valuable to the profession of psychology. This book is recommended for researchers of developmental and cognitive psychology and for clinicians pursuing work in the area of child, adolescent, and family practice." Contemporary Psychology
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