Marriage in Italy, 1300 1650

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A collection of essays about marriage and the role of women in Renaissance Italy.


Introduction: issues in the history of marriage Trevor Dean and Kate Lowe; Part I. Ceremonies and Festivities: 1. Wedding finery in sixteenth-century Venice Patricia Allerston; 2. Secular brides and convent brides: wedding ceremonies in Italy during the Renaissance and Counter-Reformation Kate Lowe; 3. The rape of the Sabine women on Quattrocento marriage panels Jacqueline Musacchio; Part II. Intervention by Church and State: 4. Fathers and daughters: marriage laws and marriage disputes in Bologna and Italy, 1200-1500 Trevor Dean; 5. Marriage ceremonies and the church in Italy after 1215 David d'Avray; 6. Dowry and the conversion of the Jews in sixteenth-century Rome: competition between the church and the Jewish community Piet van Boxel; 7. Nobility, women and the state: marriage regulation in Venice, 1420-1535 Stanley Chojnacki; Part III. Patterns of Intermarriage: 8. Marriage, faction and conflict in sixteenth-century Italy: an example and a few questions Gerard Delille; 9. Marriage in the mountains: the Florentine territorial state, 1348-1500 Samuel Kline Cohn Jr; 10. Marriage and politics at the papal court in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Irene Fosi and Maria Antonietta Visceglia; Part IV. Consequences and Endings: 11. Bending the rules: marriage in Renaissance collections of biographies of famous women Stephen Kolsky; 12. Separations and separated couples in fourteenth-century Venice Linda Guzzetti; 13. Reconstructing the family: widowhood and remarriage in Tuscany in the early modern period Giulia Calvi.


'... excellent collection of essays ... fresh and surprising.' The Times Literary Supplement
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