Bank Problems

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Consists of papers that were presented at three invited sessions at the annual meetings of the Western Economic Association in San Diego, California on July 8-10, 1999. This work includes the comments made by delegates at that time. The theme of the sessions was 'Bank Problems: A Global Perspective'.


List of contributors. Introduction (G.G. Kaufman). PART I: Current Banking Problems in Japan (M.J.B. Hall). Forecasting bank fragility: the evidence from Italy (S. Laviola, P. Marullo-Reedtz and M. Trapanese). Comment (B. Shull). PART II: Bending the Paradigm: How Brazil Got Itself Into A Currency Crisis and Out (W.C. Gruben, J.H. Welch). Clearing the decks (A. De Juan). Latin America, Asia and Russia: have the lessons been learned? (W.F. Todd). Comment (M.D. Bordo). PART III: Announcements of Asset-Quality Problems in Commercial Real Estate Portfolios: Market Valuation and Contagion Among Depository Institutions (J.P. Ballou, E. Brewer III and W.E. Jackson III). Banking crises: analysis and consequences (B.E. Gup, P.F. Bartholomew). The response of banks to regulatory enforcement: the community reinvestment act (D. Dahl, D.D. Evanoff and M.F. Spivey). Comment (M. Courchane).
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