Karl Schuhmann, Selected Papers on Phenomenology

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-Selected papers on phenomenology offers the best work in this field by the acclaimed historian of philosophy, Karl Schuhmann (1941-2003), displaying the extraordinary range and depth of his unique scholarship,
-Topics covered include the development of Husserl's concept of intentionality, Husserl and Indian philosophy, the origins of speech act theory in Munich phenomenology, the historical background of the notion of "phenomenology", and Johannes Daubert's critique of Martin Heidegger,
-This book brings together, in chronological arrangement, fourteen papers. Though thirteen of these were published before in some form, several were not easily accessible so far. In addition, a substantial piece of research, Schuhmann's chronicle of Johannes Daubert, appears here for the first time,
-All articles have been edited in accordance with the author's wishes, and incorporate his later additions and corrections.


Preface. Karl Schuhmann, 19 March 1941 - 18 March 2003. 'Phänomenologie': Eine begriffsgeschichtliche Reflexion. Against Idealism: Johannes Daubert vs. Husserl's Ideas; K. Schuhmann, B. Smith. Husserl's Idee der Philosophie. Die Entwicklung der Sprechakttheorie in der Münchener Phänomenologie. Husserl's Doppelter Vorstellungsbegriff: Die Texte von 1893. Intentionalität und intentionaler Gegenstand beim frühen Husserl. Husserl and Indian Thought. Edith Stein und Adolf Reinach. Daubert und Heidegger. Der Begriff des Sachverhalts bei Johannes Daubert. Bewußtseinsinhalte. Die Frühphänomenologie Alexander Pfänders. Meinongian Aesthetics. Representation in Early Husserl. Daubert-Chronik. Karl Schuhmann - Bibliography (December 2003). Index.


From the reviews:
"Karl Schuhmann's anthology Selected Papers on Phenomenology represents an admirable contribution to the documentation and understanding of many of these mainstreams and byways of historical and conceptual influence. ... In making these historical highways and byways of phenomenology available to a larger audience, Schumann has performed a valuable service; the clarity, precision and suggestiveness of the articles collected here will stand as testimony to his own depth of intellect and philosophical insight." (Paul M. Livingston, Grazer Philosophische Schudien, Vol. 70, 2005)
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