The Open Society and Its Enemies 2

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The High Tide of Prophecy. The Rise of Oracular Philosophy - The Aristotelian Roots of Hegelianism, hegel and The New Tribalism. Marx's Method - Marx's Sociological Determinism, The Autonomy of Sociology, Economic Historicism, The Classes, The Legal and the Cocial System. Marx's Prophecy - The Coming of Socialism, The Social Revolution, Capitalism and Its Fate, An Evaluation of the Prophecy. Marx's Ethics - The Moral Theory of Historicism. The Aftermath - The Sociology of Knowledgy, Oracular Philosophy and the Revolt aganist Reason. Conclusion - Has History any Meaning? Addenda (1961, 1965).


Karl R. Popper (1902 - 1994), philosopher, born in Vienna. One of the most influential and controversial thinkers of the twentieth century.


'One of the great books of the century' - Alan Ryan, The Times 'Few philosophers have combined such a vast width of knowledge with the capacity to produce important original ideas as he did.' - Anthony Quinton, The Guardian 'This is a work of great interest and significance, stimulating and suggestive throughout. Dr Popper's virtues are manifold. He has a great fertility of ideas. Almost every sentence gives us something to think about.' - G.C. Field, Philosophy
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