Beaches and Dunes of Developed Coasts

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This volume discusses the role of humans in transforming the coastal landscape. The book details the many ways beaches and dunes are eliminated, altered and replaced and the differences between natural landforms and the human artefacts that replace them. Emphasis is placed on the importance of retaining naturally functioning beaches and dunes in ways that achieve natural values while accommodating development and use. The issues dealt with in this book will be of interest to practising coastal engineers and research scientists, as well as to planners and managers of coastal resources at all levels of government. It will be of particular value to investigators planning for the future of coastal development under accelerated sea level rise. The book will also be useful as a reference text for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in geography, geology, ecology and other disciplines dealing with the interaction between science, technology and society.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. The developed coastal landscape: temporal and spatial characteristics; 2. Altering landforms to suit human needs; 3. Replenishing landforms; 4. Effects of structures on landforms and sediment availability; 5. Characteristics of human altered landforms; 6. Temporal scales of landscape change; 7. Management programs; 8. Maintaining and enhancing natural features in developed landscapes; 9. Directions for geomorphological research; References.


"this excellent book is the first of its kind...We recommend Nordstorm's unique book to readers with any level of interest or stake in coastal management, science., or engineering. It is timely in the sense that the coming decades will bring continued unprecedented development pressure just as natural hazards are expected to intensity. The book is also stimulating as Nordstrom challenges the common management and development paradigms of the day. Where we have already painted ourselves into the proverbial corner, he brings to light many practical ways to restore in part the natural features that make the coast so appealing to us." EOS 18 Sept 2001
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