Hb Hearing Effects of Noise

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Contains information on the fundamentals of hearing and sound physics. This book offers a review of research findings and concepts on the effects of noise on people. It focuses on the psychological and physiological affects of noise on hearing and performance. It explains the interrelations of various factors involved in making noise a problem.


Definitions and Measurement of Noise and Sound. Structures and Functions of the Ear. Auditory Sensations and Perceptions. Normal Hearing, Sociocusis, Nosocusis, and Hearing Loss from Industrial Noise. Derivation of a General Theory and Procedure for Predicting Hearing Loss from Exposure to Sound. Speech Intelligibility in Quiet and in Noise. The Assessment of Hearing Handicap and Damage Risk from Noise. Mental and Psychomotor Task Performance in Noise. Nonauditory System Responses to Sound and Noise and Relations to Health. Community Reactions to Environmental Noise. References. Index.


"Kryter's excellent book takes a comprehensive approach to describing the effects of sound and noise on human hearing... Kryter has successfully integrated masses of research in each chapter, and readers will be truly impressed with the organization, amount, and critical review of the information presented. Very highly recommended as a valuable resource." --CHOICE "This is a scholarly, comprehensive book which should be readily available to all whose work involves consideration of noise. This is a most comprehensive handbook and it is difficult to point to any major omissions. It can confidently be recommended." --ERGONOMICS ABSTRACTS
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